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Commercial Cleaners NC

There are a number of similarities between a commercial cleaning company and an office cleaning service. However, there are also several differences as well. I will discuss the similarities and differences between office cleaning service and commercial cleaning company below.

Commercial Cleaning Services

First, let us define what exactly a commercial cleaning company essentially is. A commercial cleaning company, also called a commercial cleaning service or a commercial window cleaning service, is a professional janitorial provider. They offer custom, timed cleaning plans for firms in all industries and office settings. They typically perform their tasks after Hours to avoid disruption to normal business operations. If your company requires carpet cleaning services or window washing services, you can contact a commercial cleaning company to do the job at a reasonable cost.

Business Cleaners

A commercial cleaning company will typically offer carpet cleaning service or a window cleaning service, depending on their agreement with your firm. Carpet cleaning services usually include waxing, spot cleaning and deep cleaning of office floors, conference rooms, and other floor surfaces. A window cleaning service may include the waxing of vinyl flooring, scrubbing office windows, and the removal of fingerprints from office walls. The price that office cleaning Charlotte will charge depends on the time that it takes them to complete your work and how many floors you need cleaned. Most office cleaning vendors charge less than $20 for an hour of labor, while some vendors may charge more depending on the time taken to clean each floor surface.